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Architectural Design Perforated Acoustical Wall Panel for School
PerforatedAcousticPanels factory was founded in 2011. After more than 7 years of development, our company has become an expert of perforated acoustic materials and product in China. As a perforated acosutic panel leader in China, we have had fruitful development during the past years. Our perforated ceiling panels made from the MDF have been widely accepted in the world market.
Architectural Design Perforated Acoustic Wall Panels for Colleges
1.Natural looking
2.An effective solution at only 15mm thick
3.Eco friendly GB18580 Class E1
4.Will remove clutter from the recordings.

We mainly export the following product series:
Acoustic Ceiling Tiles Suspended Perforated Panels
Perforated Acoustic Panel Decorative Acoustic Gypsum Ceiling Board
Recording Studio Decorative Acoustic Beaverboard for Soundproofing
Sound Proof Material Perforated Acoustic Panel for Indoor Place

Thirty percent of our acoustic products are exported to overseas, such as Angola, Brazil, Colombia, Ireland, Germany, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Turkey, India, United States, Australia, etc.
Employing professional technical researchers and a group of devoted workers, PerforatedAcousticPanels factory houses cutting-edge production equipment. After years of growth, we have taken the leading position in the acoustic material market. Our main products include slotted walls panels, grooved and perforated acoustic panels in different shapes and colors.
Some of our Custom Made Eco/Fireproof Wooden Perforated Melamine Boards 4 X 8 Ft projects are Chaozhou Bufeng Lotus Film and Television City, Henan Sanmenxia Art Center, Hubei Province Project, Chongqing City Court, Lijiang Grand Theater, Nanjing Quality Inspection Center, and so on.

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