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help needed- my first film mix

long time Cubendo user here, I've done the music for a documentary and its all been done on a shoestring budget. I was just doing the music but after speaking to the director the company that was going to help him do the final mixing have let him down so he's asked if I could do the mix.OK, I have cubase 7 and Nuendo 6, a nice room, lovely monitors (Quested VS3208) and I'm well versed in producing and mixing music, however I've never done a film mix, so:
1: Can I mix it all in stereo? I see no reason why 5.1 is needed for a documentary
2: what technical differences do I need to take into account when doing the final mix...see next question...
3: Can I do the finished version in Nuendo,and what format does it all end up?sorry for the basic questions but film is a whole new world.....any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Please help.

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