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I'm tired of riding the volume when watching movies...

I watch movies on my computer (win7) usually via VLC. Now, my issue is, the audio on them varies way too much. To have the volume suitable to hear dialogue, makes the special effects absurdly loud. And if I set it so the effects are a reasonable level, I can't hear the dialogue (this is compounded thanks to the constant whir of an air conditioner right now).Is there some way I can make the audio even out a bit? I tried turning on Replay Gain in VLC. That did nothing. I turned on the Audio Normalizer filter in VLC, also no apparent change. Google failed to turn up anything I found useful, but that might be a personal shortcoming.Am what I asking impossible to do on the fly? Is there some additional plugin I can use? I feel like I should be able to sap the decibel level or something... I don't know.

Please help.

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