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Counterfeit Coin as a part of classic pack

Counterfeit Coin card is going to wild which is sad... I can't see future of Rogue without this card, it's same as druid innervate but druid doesn't need to make combos like Rogue does. 50% of rogue card require combo and this coin is just must be. Super good with combo of Bard or WW7, perfect for auctioner. I my opinion this card should be a part of classic pack without any rotation. Give rogue some love! This class doesn't have much tools. Only two good legys, Edwin and Valeera. Epic's aren't good either, Fal'dorei and evasion. Deathrate deck's are going to wild. Only kingsbane and miracle left... Miracle without this coin is pretty much dead. Even kingsbane will be weaker because of southsea squidface who is going to wild. 

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